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 Discover The Secrets of Modern Parenting
An educational program for parents that will help you create harmony at home by communicating effectively with your children.
  • Developed by certified experts in behavior analysis.
  • Based on 30 years of parenting research.
  • The Video series includes 6 Videos to help you manage those pesky behaviors




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Learn how to manage your children's behavior problems today in 6 easy to understand videos! The Secret to Modern Parenting is your answer to a peaceful and happy home! The videos are as follows:


1) Building Relationships

2) Eliminate Lying

3) End Arguing

4) End Back Talk and Disrespect

5) Extinguish Tantrums

6) Gaining Compliance



For additional information about the Secrets to Modern Parenting please complete the submission form in the "Contact Us" section with the tab located in the upper left side of the website.