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Helping People Evolve Successfully into the Future by Enhancing the Evolutionary Process of Behavior via the Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
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Meet The Team


Anthony Stover, BCBA

Anthony Stover is the Founder and Owner of Behavioral Evolution. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida State University.  Throughout the undergraduate years, Mr. Stover volunteered with the Center for Autism and local exceptional schools to gain more experience working with individuals with Autism. In 2000, Mr. Stover graduated from FSU and accepted a position as a Behavior Assistant for Behavior Analysis, Inc. along with the Jonas Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. In 2001, Mr. Stover accepted a Behavior Analyst position in District 8 (Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties) also under Behavior Analysis, Inc. and in collaboration with the University of South Florida, where he became certified as a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCABA). In 2003, Mr. Stover graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Master’s degree in Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis) and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Mr. Stover worked for seven years for the statewide Behavior Analysis Services Program (BASP) working with individuals in the foster care system. During that time he became the Senior Behavior Analyst for the BASP in District 8 and enhanced the runaway prevention program by decreasing the amount of runaways in the district along with managing the behaviors of individuals in foster and biological homes. In 2008, the Florida Legislative system attempted to re-allocate the funding of the statewide program but the local agencies failed to re-distribute the funding appropriately and behavior services for foster children discontinued across the state of Florida. Mr. Stover accepted a position in Tampa, Fl. and became the Clinical Director for 10 group homes in which he gained extensive experience with the Medicaid Waiver system under the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. In October 2010, Mr. Stover became the official owner and President of Behavioral Evolution, Inc. providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to all individuals in need of behavioral services and organizational behavior management services. He has developed a strong group of Behavior Analysts and Assistants and is very proud of the work that they have performed in helping individuals with disabilities increase their acquisition skills while decreasing their behavioral challenges.


Melissa Stover, Chief Financial Officer

Melissa is a very positive and energetic person with long history of customer service experience.  She has worked in a variety of fields obtaining experience in an array of areas such as surgical technology, accounting, x-ray and medical practices, veterinarian medicine and as a valued claims processer from one of the largest insurance firms in the world. She is very detailed orientated and is dedicated to making sure that our clients are served in the best way possible. Although Melissa is not seen as much as the analyst or assistant, she could be described as the oil that keeps the machine running smoothly and enthusiastically. Melissa has been with the company since 2012 and is very proud to be a member of the Behavioral Evolution team and hopes to provide many more years of great service to what she refers to as an excellent company.


The Individuals that Make the Difference



Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Ann Saksefski, BCBA

Ann Saksefski is a Level 1 Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She began her career in the field of behavior analysis in 2007, while attending Florida State University.  During that time, Ann worked for Behavior Management Consultants, Inc. as a behavioral specialist in the Gadsden County School System. She was able to work with children in many different placements, which included general education classrooms, self-contained classrooms with children diagnosed with emotional/behavioral disorders, and classrooms as well as one-on-one settings with children diagnosed with Autism, Mental Retardation, and Down’s syndrome. Ann graduated from Florida State University in 2009 with a Masters in Psychology with a Specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis. She became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in August of 2009 and remained in Tallahassee until June 2010, when she moved to the Tampa Bay Area. Once in Tampa, Ann worked as a BCBA for Florida Mentor, who specialized in residential habilitation for adolescents and adults with Developmental Disabilities. In February 2011, Ann began and continues to work as a BCBA consultant with Behavioral Evolution, Inc. She continues to work with adolescents and adults diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism in multiple environments which include adult day training centers, schools, supportive living apartments, group homes, and family homes.  For almost 3 years, she has volunteered with the Agency of Persons with Disabilities as a member and now co-chair of the Local Review Committees for Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Manatee/Sarasota/De Soto Counties.


Kari Ek, BCBA

Kari received her Bachelor's degree from Minnesota State University in Psychology. She was involved in several research studies involving the principles of behavioral psychology. Kari was published in the International Journal of Psychological Studies titled Cultural Differences in the Levels of Rewards between Adolescents from America, Australia, Tanzania, Denmark, Honduras, Korea, and Spain. After receiving her undergraduate degree she moved to Florida to attend the University of South Florida's Master's program in Applied Behavior Analysis. While attending USF, Kari worked as a Behavior Assistant for a nationally known organization in Tampa in which she worked 1:1 with one of their most behaviorally challenged individuals in which she significantly improved that individual's self injurious and aggressive behaviors across all environments. Kari completed her thesis under Ray Miltenberger working with the promotion of exercise in obese children and received her Master's degree in 2011. She currently is a member of the Local Review Committee for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities in Hillsborough County. Kari has experience in managing the behaviors of individuals in typical living situations along with the Medicaid waiver and foster care systems. She has and continues to work with all age ranges and specializes in training in behavior management, social skills development, and increasing independent living skills. 


Tammy DeWeese-Giddings, BCBA


Tammy is a Level 1 Board Certified Behavior Analyst, specializing in working with families in their homes, located in the Manatee and Sarasota counties. Having received her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida. Tammy has co-authored many publications focused on parent training, families, and Behavior Analysis. Most recently, she has acquired expertise in the area of Autism, winning an award for the best clinical application of using pictures to teach non-vocal children to communicate. Tammy has been working in Applied Behavior Analysis in South Florida for over 10 years and continues to hold a passion for helping people in need of change. She currently is a member of the Local Review Committee for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities in Sarasota County.


Errity Green, BCBA

Errity Green first attended the University of Florida where she earned her Bachelor's degree with concentrations in criminology and psychology. Following her education at UF, she completed the Master's program in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of South Florida. During her educational career, she gained experience with numerous people and populations including children and adults with disabilities and typically developing individuals. She has worked in many settings including family homes, group homes, and residential facilities. In addition to behavioral therapy in those settings, Errity had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for undergraduate ABA courses, and she taught the Tools for Positive Behavior Change courses to foster, adoptive, and biological parents in Manatee/Sarasota county. She specializes in behavior management training and working with clients of all age ranges and behaviors to enhance their quality of life and to assist them in reaching their highest potential.


Jennifer Hicks, BCBA

Jennifer Hicks is a proud Knight and graduate from the University of Central Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Following graduation, she gained experience through local organizations along with the Public School System and the Department of Children and Families. Ms. Hicks became a BCaBA in 2000 where she started working full time providing behavior services to children of varying diagnoses. While working diligently in providing behavior services in the community, Ms. Hicks enrolled and graduated from the University of Nevada with a Master's degree in Psychology. She became a BCBA in 2004 and continued to work to provide the best behavior services possible to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Ms. Hicks loves helping families overcome behavioral challenges and does an incredible job with her own family as well.  


Dana Ortiz-Padelford, BCaBA

Dana Ortiz Padelford was born and raised near the Tampa Bay area and has enjoyed spending time and gaining experience as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A. in psychology and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology. She has been an American Sign Language enthusiast for almost 12 years and particularly enjoys when she has an opportunity to communicate and teach children through the powerful connection of signs. Since Dana started as a behavior analyst she has loved the ABA principle’s and strives to learn how to further help and assist children and adults with developmental disabilities.






Behavior Assistants

(The term "assistant" often refers to a person that merely assists another person but our Behavior Assistants are the people working the hardest directly with our individuals in implementing the behavior plan designed by the behavior analyst; they are vital in making the positive changes with the individuals we serve)



Ashley Poindijour, Behavior Assistant


Ashley is an undergraduate student working towards her Bachelor's degree in Exceptional Student Education. Although she is rapidly developing in the field of behavior analysis, Ashley's experience includes working with and helping educate children from infants to 16 years old with varying disabilities and backgrounds. She has provided services for children in her time as a tutor, teacher's assistant and Preschool teacher. Her passion and commitment is evident in her continuous efforts to help develop growing minds and abilities. Ashley does exceptional work as a behavior assistant and with one of our most difficult cases.



RJ Burnette, Behavior Assistant


From the time RJ can remember, he has always known that it was his mission to help people. Prior to his work as a Behavior Assistant, he  volunteered his time with the church and various charity programs in the community. After high school, a friend offered him an opportunity to work with the disabled population and he has been doing it ever since. His friend knew his passion to help people and figured he would love it, and he was right! He walked in the door to this field of work and has not looked back since. During his five years in this field he has acquired experience in an array of areas and has worked with some of the most difficult individuals under the Medicaid Waiver. RJ has had great experience working with individuals with very intense behaviors across the district, so intense that even a behavior analyst or two have been observed fleeing from the homes without return.  It is a pleasure to have RJ as a part of this team and the experience and positive attitude that he has brought with him. In addition to being a Behavior Assistant for BEI, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.


Courtney Ek, Behavior Assistant


A native Floridian, Courtney graduated from Lakeland High School in 2007. Courtney became a Certified Nursing Assistant and Registered Pharmacy Technician. She discovered that she thrives on helping people, specifically with disabilities. Courtney received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis from University of South Florida in 2014. She is working towards becoming a BCaBA and plans to attend the University of South Florida to work towards her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2015.



Samuel Gover, Behavior Assistant


Sam enjoys encouraging individuals to be their best. He has been working with the developmentally disabled for over ten years. Sam is happy that he found a career  which gives him the enjoyment to serve individuals with needs. Caring for and being an advocate for individuals is his greatest desire. In the past, Sam has served as an ASO Provider, Supported Living Coach, In Home Support Staff and Companion. He attended Florida Culinary Arts Institute in West Palm Beach Florida. God, his lovely wife, his son, daughter and family are his greatest treasures.